Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Model or Role Model?

In this day, it is easy to get consumed with what I call "Model Mentality". People, especially women, frantically want to fit into a "model mode". Alas, most of us don't naturally fit into a size 1... nor do we all have perfect teeth, eyes, hair and weight. The list goes on, right?

It is so easy to focus on the desire to be loved. That is why so many people have the model mentality I mentioned above.

But what about being a role model? Can I? Can you? Of course. Admittedly, the thought of someone looking to me for encouragement and/or support, is a thought that at times fills me with awed wonder. Can I be what others need me to be? I can't even live up to my own standard, much less someone else's!

Then I remember Tim Hansel. I've spoken of him before. I highly recommend you get the book he wrote called, Ya Gotta Keep

In a nutshell, Tim is climbing a Rock and falls several hundred feet directly on to more rock. Nothing broke his fall. An incredibly hard impact that should of killed him is what awaited him. Did he survive and recover? Well, he survived... but he never recovered. For 30 solid years he lived in excruciating pain 7/24... yet he is the man who wrote: Ya Gotta Keep Dancin!

He is a role model that I would like to follow after. Who did he follow after? Who was his role model?

It's worth finding out, don't you think?