Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Dark Light

Visible light is the name for electromagnetic radiation that our eyes can see.

Is there a light that we can't see?

Well, there are forms of electromagnetic radiation that are not visible to our eyes.  The term "dark" is indicative of something that cannot be seen.

If I were a chemistry or physics student, I would talk to you about nano meters, radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet or x-rays.

We can't see any of those things but we can see their results. That's true in much of existence.
We can't see the wind, but we see what the wind moves.  We can't see heat, but we can certainly feel its impact.  Radio waves may be invisible but the images on a TV screen are a result of their "dark" frequency.

There are countless invisible realities that are easy to dismiss or take for granted when we can't easily see them.

Some people may say that Jesus could be referred to as a "Dark Light" because He can no longer be seen.

The only problem is that Jesus is a historical reality.  He was born. He lived on this earth.  His life was documented and continues to affect history.

Because He did come to this world and make Himself visible, He cannot be a Dark Light.

But something else can.

There is a spiritual realm to this world that is definitely unseen, but very real all the same.  We feel its affects all the time. Sometimes people acknowledge it.  Many times people ignore it.

Unfortunately, refusing to acknowledge the existence of a reality will not make it "go away".  

Hey, if that were true I would refuse to recognize weight gain. Wouldn't that be awesome?  Just reject the existence of a truth and 'voila'.  All gone!

Sigh...would that that were so.  

But it's not and the sooner we accept that truth, the better off we will be.

Back to the Spiritual Reality we live in.

Since we know that Jesus is the Light of the World, then can anybody tell me:

Who is...

The Dark Light?