Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Tevya Tirade !

Do you remember Tevya in the "Fiddler on the Roof"? He was a Russian Jew with a very "laid back" personality and a good sense of humor. Throughout the movie he would talk to God and speak as if he were talking to a friend that he had known for a long time and could speak comfortably with. I loved that. It's the way it should be...and is for many people.

One of the things Tevya would say was, "On the other hand" ... as he analyzed opposing views in his mind. You could almost see a ping pong ball going back and forth!

Anyway, that's how I feel sometimes. Like Tevya. Are you like that? Trying to see "both sides" of things and having to make a decision based on what you know? Actually...that can be a problem with me. I go back and forth as I think in my mind, "on the other hand"...but the two sides that are duking it out seem to be the analytical side and the emotional side.

More often than not I go through what I refer to as...

The Tevya Tirade!

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