Friday, March 18, 2011

Access Withheld.

I am so glad you are you. Can you imagine what this world would be like if we were all a bunch of clones? God created us as unique individuals with an enormous variety of giftings and talents.

Not one of us "has it all". That's why we need each other so much.

Unfortunately, part of the population of people are under the misconception that they are unimportant, insignificant or somehow unnecessary. The rest of the populace seems to think they are an island and have chosen, for reasons they can't or don't want to share, to refrain from interacting with the undesirables of this world.


The next generation needs us. They need access to our life experiences. Our successes and our failures.

That may be contrary to our natural tendency to focus on taking care of ourselves and our needs or desires.'s important.

You guys, I have come across so many people that are very different from each other and almost pride themselves in that fact. But honestly, when are we going to stop focusing the majority of our attention on ourselves?

Hey, I have spent way too much focusing on me. I mean, it's important to a degree. Certainly it is understandable.

But we are needed. God wants to use us. He wants to work in us and through us. We make things difficult when we deny people access to ourselves.

Know what else happens when we do that?

We also deny ourselves the ability to grow.

Perhaps certain people simply don't fit into our "comfort zone" we exclude them and deny them access to our very important selves!

It's time to look forward and focus on people outside of us.

Reminds me of driving. When I was learning to drive, I was taught to keep my eyes on the road ahead of me. If I placed too much attention on the car I was sitting in or on off road "sight seeing" I would risk loosing control of my car.

Believe it or not, we loose control of ourselves when our focus is turned inward. In addition to that, we send the clear message to the next generation that says...

Access Withheld.

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Clint said...

Good post, Shay.

Satan loves to get us to withdraw. I have been going thru that to a certain extent at church. I tell you the people and the politics of church will make anybody cringe. A body can only take so much. Don't get me started. Ha.

Thanks for your thoughts.