Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Am I Willing to Make the Cut?

I can see why people who work with plants, like it so much. There are so many parallels. I love that. Helps me to bring biblical principals to life so that they are more than words. Know what I mean?

There are so many correlations between Christianity and the grafting process.

Did you know that the cutting of both the scion and the rootstock is paramount if actual grafting is going to take place? How does that relate to anything beyond plant life?

How does that relate to Christianity?

Jesus is the "vine" that we "branches" must be grafted into. His "cut" went deep when He died on the cross for us.

And what about our cut? Do we have one? What is it?

In the grafting process, as I mentioned earlier, both the vine and the branch must be cut before they are grafted together. Jesus's cut is represented by His death.

Could it be that our "cut" takes place when we die to ourselves?

That's a possibility. I'd like to hear what you think.

All I know for sure is that cuts from both sources need to exist in order for necessary nutrients to flow from the vine to the branch. I'm no scientist, but commonsense tells me that nutrients from the sap of the vine won't be able to flow into the branch if the branch is not open to receive the new life.

We were open to Christ when we first became Christians. Are we still open to Him?

Speaking for myself, I have to admit that I - more often than I would care to admit - take for granted that Jesus loves me and even died that I might live.

But am I willing to die to myself, so that Christ can live freely through me?

Am I willing to make the cut?


Clint said...

"Making the cut"---at least, to me---means being able to simply give it up to Him and follow and trust His leadings. That may sound simple, but it apparently is not.

Almost everyone looks to themselves first, and only when a real pressing need hits do they look to God. But, isn't it nice to ALWAYS be on the vine and not worry about anything? The only thing more difficult than being a Christian is NOT being one.

Anonymous said...

Great analogy. I accept that Jesus was "cut off" from the land of the living for my sake, but being willing to be cut for the sake of His life flowing through me--well, bring it on. May I regard and embrace the pain as good, from the hand of a faithful creator...If not, He will correct me and bring me back into the light (Micah 7:9)

Sharon Kirby said...

This was a wonderful analogy. I never realized that the vine needed to be cut, too. Somehow, that just really touched me.

Yes, I'd have to say that dying to self is the necessary "cut" in order to receive the new life that Jesus offers us. We have His salvation, yes - but we all too often get in the way of the abundant life He offers to those who are still open to Him.


Josh said...

I think what you say is true, but I know that for myself, I have a really hard time dying to myself. I find that it's a daily thing, and most of the time, I'm pretty comfortable with who I am and where my life is going. But to stay in prayer, to live a life of meditation and self-awareness, this is hard, but it's necessary to keep our "cuts" open, I think. I'm trying to learn how to do that more, and I have success and failure. But God is good, and He keeps working on me. :)

"genz" said...

Wow this is a really great post. Thanks so much for the blessing that you are with your message. I'm definitely following and I hope you'll check out my blog and follow as well! ; ) God bless.

Toyin O. said...

I think my sprit is always willing to make the cut, but my flesh is another story. We are called to die daily to self; to deny ourself and pick up our cross to follow Christ;not an easy thing, but God's grace is sufficient. Thanks for the reminder:)