Monday, March 14, 2011

Intention Doesn't Equal Action

Everybody loves a hero. Most of us hope we would fall into the category of putting someone else before ourselves. We mean well. In our minds, our intentions have become actions. Maybe that is why people are so quick to judge other people - but refrain from judging themselves. Perhaps it's because we can't read other peoples minds. We don't know the intentions that they have.

We only know ours.

Problem. Our intentions have not really materialized into action yet. We hope we would respond in a good way. Matter of fact, we assume we will. But we won't know for sure until we are actually put into a situation that requires action.

But the reality - a reality that I don't like - is that the "Bystander Effect", as psychologists call it, affects a much larger portion of the population than we realize.

It can affect us as well.

God was aware of this appalling lack of concern toward others...a long time ago. Remember the story of the "Good Samaritan"?

God loves His children and desires to heal us on all levels. He understands very well that, as good hearted as we may be...

Intention Does Not = Action.

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Bystander Effect

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Sharon Kirby said...

What's the old saying? "The road to he__ is paved with good intentions?!" I love this message. Reminds me of how my sons used to tell me that you can't just "talk the talk" - you've got to "walk the walk!"