Friday, April 8, 2011

Out of the Mouth of Babes...

For the last two or three weeks I have been feeling exhausted. I've not only felt physically drained, but also emotionally spent and spiritually burned out. When that happens I can't even think straight.

Trying to blog becomes next to impossible at times like that.

For that matter, doing anything that requires a creative mind turns into a gargantuan effort that is so daunting, the very thought of attempting it is overwhelming.

I highly doubt I am the only one who has experienced burnout, fatigue or weariness to the degree that I want to stop the world and get off!

Ever been there?

I thought so.

I couple of weeks ago, I listened to a message by a man named Jeff Henderson that was incredibly encouraging. He was talking about the importance of rest and yet contended that most of us, though we may acknowledge that reality in our heads...don't really take it to heart. Not enough to actually do something about it.

I think that is because we don't really understand the value of rest. Not really...or we would take it seriously. We tend to think of rest as a privilege - not a necessity.

Hey, let me tell you something that I heard. It was so interesting.

A couple of studies were given a while ago. One group of people consisted of parents who were each asked to answer the same question. The other group was comprised of kids who responded to the same question that the parents were give.

The question?

What would your kids most want from you if they could be granted one wish?

Know what the parents thought the answer would be?

Most of them thought their kids would want them to spend more time with them. You know the old quality time -vs- quantity time issue that we adults have been arguing about for years now?

Nope, that wasn't it.

You know what the wish was that was held by the vast majority of kids?

They wished their parents weren't so tired and stressed out all the time!

Wow. We think we are so smart. True, we have had many experiences and learned various skills that have propelled us forward.

But, as the medical community has been saying for years and years ... we need our rest. They have espoused the importance of "eight hours of sleep a night". But for some reason, it takes a child to open our eyes to the importance of that reality.

A child's perspective is not hindered by the experiences of life that can distract us.


Out of the mouth of babes...


michaeldtobin said...

I always wished I was not too tired to be as enthusiastic with my children as I could have been if I didn't get so worn out from work and lack of sleep. But I'll be on a 4-day cruise this come Monday to Catalina and Ensenada. It's a necessity that I can't afford NOT to afford. I don't want ANY excuses from crusty adults for not going anywhere. Where's the old dreams of adventure from childhood? How stupid to not have fun before dying. Reminds me of cranky old geezers screaming at the neighborhood kids to get of their precious grass. Live a little. God bless!

DeanO said...

Because of a new job I too have been exhausted. 12 hour rotating shifts have left so little energy. When you add in those things that must be done it is often a chore to even turn the PC on and I love the computer and Internet. It's funny how we all start to find again the groove and balance to make things work. The kids I know just want their parents love and attention. Some kids get that and sadly - many do not.

Michael said...

I'm tired and a little stressed.
I'm full and materially blessed.
I think I need a little rest
From all the things that bring duress
Like work and television
Bills and chocolate
Taxes and tears and playing chess